Share Investment

Its one sort of vacation ownership in villages of Eco Zone of Great Himalayan Nation Park in Tithan Valley of Kullu HP. In fact its a expansion or modification in “Village Home Stay” scheme of HP Govt. Its a creative and productive concept inspired from this scheme.


live in the unspoiled majesty of nature and experience the village culture and life style because its very close to nature. Natural life style is a scientific life style. This is life where you can take water direct from nature, taste of a fresh organic food undiluted fresh air for breathing away from the sophisticated life in which we pay much more price for staled, freezes foods of star hotels, died air and preservatives water with a tag on bottle ‘best before six months’. It is an investment to live at least few days day in lap of nature for natural healing and rejuvenation.


In this investment you have to visit in our home stays and after then you may take decision of investment…under a secure and legal process.


Basic Demo/Tentative terms and conditions.


1- Initial Investment required as per club’s law.

2-You will be owner to stay for six night and 7 days a year for one well furnished luxurious room.

3- For 20 years with flexibility in visit throughout the year.

4- And you may authorize your friends and relatives to visit on your membership card.


Other conditions may be discuss face to face in visit to our home stay.