N.G.O. Abhyudaya

Our N.G.O. “Abhyudaya” is approved by government. It is functioning in various aspects of social life and is concern with the growth and prosperity of  local culture and civilization.


  •  YOGA AND ECO TOURISM- In which all fundamental and essentials of yoga and naturopathy would be promoted for social welfare and promotion as an activity of eco tourism. It could be prove a potential tool for income generation of the society.
  •  To promote such type of sustainable tourism competent unemployed youths of society will be trained in professional way so that they can work as skilled manpower. The training will be in fields of yoga, naturopathy and other various aspects of eco tourism i.e. bird watching, angling, rock climbing, mountaineering, guiding, cooking and other skills of food and bebrage so that they could generate their income. It will be with the coordination of concern department.
  • To make sure the participation of women in yoga, naturopathy and eco tourism activities.
  •  There are many potential people in the society who hold the traditional knowledge of medicinal plants and their medicinal use – to train such type of people the basics of yoga and naturopathy i.e. asana, pranayam , massage, acupressure, mitti lep etc. so that they can use these skills for income generation.
  •  To encourage people towards organic farming and to make them able to market their products by connecting it to sustainable eco tourism.
  •  Train and aware people to conservation of natural recourses and assets i.e. extinct birds, herb, animal and plants of GHNP and its eco zone with the help of concern department local constitutional bodies and encourage them towards eco tourism by holding seminars workshop and other campaigning tools.
  •  STUDENTS- for well being of students various career counseling events on different subjects will be hold time to time including tourism and inspire them for sustainable tourism and interact them with the experts and potential tourists.
  •  Aware peoples about various govt. policies including tourism policies i.e. promote Home Stay policy and enlisted all approved home stay of valley for promote a sustainable tourism. It may include short term trainings of various aspects of hospitality i.e. cooking,