Eco Tourism Cooperative Society

What it is about ?

It is a social entrepreneurship in the local society with the local society and for all aspirants of exploration and discovery in Great Himalayan National Park, its eco zone and village lifestyle and nature based culture.

Full name of our society is “The Seraj Himdarshan eco tourism cooperative develoment society”.
Our eco tourism society is a great platform for all social segments of our whole nation and even for foreign tourist.

It includes following:

  • Students for historical and research visits.
  • Other nature and wildlife based researcher and discoverer .
  • Youngsters for trekking and exploration, other various adventures activities.
  • Wide scope of Yoga, meditation and naturopathy.
  • Nature conservation activities.

We are more than 45 skilled/ semi skilled and non skilled staff of cooperative society in various fields like expert cook, guide, bird watcher, angler, mountaineers and experienced staff of Yoga and naturopathy.

Think About it

  • One can business partner of our society on incentive base. It will be from 15 to 20% of base price determined by our society of different products.
  • Students, research scholar, project discoverer on Himalayan flora and fauna, environment geography, topography and Yoga, meditation and naturopathy.
  • Any type of amateur explorer of extinct, endangered, vulnerable and threatened species  can also visit through our society and could get a great platform to explore with our experienced staff and our eco tourism cooperative society’s link with various dept. and can also get experience certificate fom the same.