Innovative Tours


We have many standard and formal tours in and outside GHNP and Lag Valley apart of it we are presenting some innovative trekking routes of GHNP,Thirthan valley & lag Valley which leads you through the local lifestyle, culture and other Historical monuments . In fact, we have various options of to work and go through different trekking routes in GHNP , its Eco zone and other nature blessed new sites according to the aspirants capacity , interest and nature of the trekkers (tourist) and  these routes are also suitable for the trekking with yoga and  meditation. It may purely trekking , trekking with yoga , and purely yoga activities or yoga in evening and morning and rest of time with day excursion to nearby attractions.


Some innovative trekking routes:-

1. Goshaini to Jamala, 2.30 hours from Goshaini (day hike)

End of the habitat world, spectacular view of the nature with cooperative and hospitable villagers . Great site       for camping and wide scope of yoga and meditation. Open all along the year.

2.   Goshaini to lambhri peak (about 3200 meters) 3-4 days trek

3. Extension of same rout towards sarevalsor lake, jalori pass (3200 meters) and from same route other way we can go through various  himalayan villages like as Sarthi , Sajwad, Hiddav, Ghyagi etc. These treks may varied days according to capacity and need of tourists.

4. Rangthar Trek 2 days 1 night

5. Marahani Trek 3 to 6 Days

6. Nada Thach Trek 4 to 6 Days


1           YOGIC WALK- IN HIMALAYA- EXCURSION TRIP,                2           1N 2D, 2N 3D

3           CYCLING & PHOTO SESSION WITH LOCAL DRESS &                       LOCAL CUISINE