Tirthan Valley

About Tirthan Valley – An Emerging Destination

1. Location

Tirthan Valley lies in Kullu Distt. of Himachal Pradesh,India. This valley starts from larji, where the Sainj and Tithan River merge in each other. This is a point which bifurcate sainj and Tithan Valley.  This velley comprise the renown areas like Banjar, Goshaini, Bathad, jibhi, Shojha, Jalori Pass, Bashleo Pass Lambhri Top and great assets like Great Himalayan National Park- A world heritage site etc. There is a lot of possibility of various nature based ecotourism activities.


Strength of the Area

A great emerging destination for Ecotourism  and Yoga. In which trekking , yoga,meditation, Bird watching, angling,mountaineering, repelling, river crossing and various type of activities in lap of Himalayas – nature’s unspoiled majesty. Its the abode of spirituality and various adrenaline trending activities. More description ……


The Tirthan Valley and its Eco Zone of GHNP offers  excellent opportunities for bird watching, wildlife viewing, religious pilgrimages, cultural tours, and viewing local crafts and craft creation. There are options of rafting, climbing, fishing, attending a village festival, viewing local architecture, and sacred groves. The weather of this valley is cool and pollution free. The extinct species of flora and fauna are great assets of this area, like as extinct pheasant’s species- western tragopan, monal and other endangered and vulnerable medicinal plants, herbs and animals. This is the matter of interest to various types of tourists. Due to these wonderful specifications this national park is declared a world heritage site. This area has great potential of adventurous and other nature based activities i.e. trekking, mountaineering etc. The people of this valley are very honest, hardworking, peaceful, and hospitable strong and with a unique culture. The Park itself has two facilities for tourists: a tourist center at Sairopa and an Information Center at Larjee.


2Historical Importance

“World.” This can be the age of Kullu’s hill rulers, or rajas have passed into history. The scriptures tell us that the original name of Kullu Valley was Kulanthapitha meaning “the end of the habitat world. Appreciated by anyone who has stood at the top of Rohtang Pass,bounding Kullu and Lahul on either sides. But who has stood at the top of Jalori pass, Bashleo Pass, Rohtang pass, Lmbhri and Skiran top they can realize the gradual growth of habitat world in deep and broad areas of Tirthan valley and who once has visited the broad endless landscape of meadows of Tithan Valley and Great Himalayan National Park they can realize why here developed a habitat world and live god like honest people of this valley.

Tirthan Valley is the untouched prosperous part of kullu, an unspoiled majesty 0f nature. This is a wonder valley in term natural beauty and prosperous bio diversity. This valley and its eco zone really need a sustainable development.

The human population of the region has always been largely settled in mountain villages and in the tributaries of the Tithan River. The farmers and shepherds of these villages, with their pragmatic knowledge and techniques, have always been the central link between human society and natural ecosystems in the Sainj-Tirthan region. Agriculture in these mountains was largely for subsistence until the 1960s, when profit-making commercial agriculture and horticulture began to transform the economy and agriculture of the area.