Maintaining health of body, mind and soul is a key responsibility of every human being on this planet. You can have many ways to keep your body fit, many ways to keep the stress out of your mind, many ways to make your life happy, if you seek a single path to achieve health of body, mind and soul, you have come to a right place.

We come up with various yogic activities and excursion in base camp Guisaini and home stay Tirth Aalok Series with the Yoga expert Neeraj Thakur  (M.A. in Yoga science, Samskrit and MTM) a prolific yogi of the time and his team. Neeraj has spent many years in teaching and exploring Yoga in Hmachal Pradesh University Shimla , for natropathy we have Specialized natropathy doctors.
Our mission is to promote and support the integrity and diversity of the teaching of yoga. We do this through:

  • Celebrating the diversity of yoga styles, traditions and lineages;
  • Advocating for self-regulation in the yoga industry and universal access to safe yoga practices;

For various age group and aspirants we have following yoga training :

  1. Power Yoga
  2. Vinyas prvah yoga
  3. Kundlini Yoga
  4. Swar Yoga and yog Nindra
  5. Easthetic s Yoga(Vyutkram , sheetkram votan lep etc.)
  6. Naturopathy (Steam Bath, Massage, acupressure, Shela therapy, Gaumootr Therapy, Anima , Miti lep, Shirodhara  etc.
  7. cleansing process of Hatha Yoga
  8. Special shela therapy with various asanas, pranayaam, acupressure and massage for backache.