Eco Tourism Activities

In Eco tourism we provide following activities

1. Trekking in GHNP  and other sides of Himalaya e.g ladakh,lahul- spiti etc.

There are two main options for visiting GHNP : Eco zone and park itself

Eco zone tours:

The Eco zone areas are adjacent to the park and provide a combination of natural and cultural experiences. The Trail go through villages and are generally easy to moderate.

 Demo Treks in Eco Zone :

  • Neuli-Shanghad loop (24 km).
  • Neuli Manu Tample(12km)
  • Gaushaini to Tinder(12km)

Demo Treks within the park

  • Gaushaini to shilt hut(30 km)
  • Sainj-Tirthan valley(8 days)
  • Upto Raktisar in Sainj valley
  • Upto the orogin of Thirthan river(76 km/7 to 8 days)

 Treks of ladakh and lahul-spiti

Usual treks of Chandrataal lake, Spiti valley, Tabo ,Kaza and Ladakh etc.

2. Other Activities

It includes Mountaineering, bird watching, angling, River crossing, repelling , yoga and meditation and various opportunity for village cultural tour to deep uderstanding of shrines of variou rishies and dieties of himalayan villages , crafts and creation activities, attending a village festival,viewing of local architecture,scared groves etc.