The call of mountain is irresistible form the challenge of scaling a peak to the wish to climb even a modest spur, for some , to see a mountain is to climb it!

We caters well to those who seek a rush of adrenaline and rejuvenate with yoga meditation and naturopathy. We have various opportunity for cultural tours and viewing local crafts and creation activity . There are options of mountaineering , fishing, attending a village festival and village shrines of various seers and sages, viewing local architecture, scared groves.

Treks of various levels of difficulty and for varied time spans, raining from day to week-long. One can be undertaken from all the main tourist destination. Trekkers are advised to prepare themselves to witness the immense beauty of Himalaya and its habitat.

We are specialist in following activities :

  • Eco tourism activities
  • Yoga — various yogic activities
  • Yogic Trekking and Excursion